Design and Build Customized Website with SEO


To have a beautiful website, first thing you need to do is to purchase a domain name. 

A domain name is the name of your business on the Internet. It can be the same name as your business if you can get it. If the business name is very long or not available, some people use the acronym to represent their business as the website domain name. Some people use a short version of their business for a domain.

A domain name should be clear and easy to understand. Most importantly, it clearly represents your business.

Once you have the domain, next thing you need is hosting the domain for your website online. Hosting is like renting a storefront for your business online.

Once you have the domain and hosting service ready to go, you will need to have a professional web designer to design and build your website for you.

We can take care of all three for you - domain, hosting and design. Contact us for more information.

A domain name that you purchase is good for a year.  If you want to keep it, you will needs to pay to before the expiration date to renew it every year in order for you to keep owning it.  Some people pay multiple years at one time.

If you purchased a domain with us and you missed the expiration date, please click here to read learn more.